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Listing with PRChannel

Q. How do I add my company to the PRChannel directory?
To add your company to the PRChannel directory follow these two steps:

1. Register an account with PRChannel (Note: Registration is free).
2. Navigate to the page that you want to be listed on and click one of the "Add a Listing" links.

Q. How much does listing with PRChannel cost?
Listings on PRChannel are Free although all companies are reviewed for quality. Also, paid, featured listings are available for companies looking for additional exposure. View the Get Listed page to learn more about listing options.

Q. Do listings provide a search engine optimization benefit?
All of the links in PRChannel.com are direct links but are nofollowed. This is done to protect the directory, as certain search engines have recently penalized directories selling paid listings.

For more information on this, view our disclaimer.

Q. Are there any minimum requirements an agency must meet to create a listing with PRChannel?
We ask that all companies or freelancers wishing to list with us have an active/live website. This means no 'under construction' or 'coming soon' homepages. Other than this there are no rigid requirements, keep in mind however that PRChannel is a selective directory and only high quality firms will be accepted. Oh, and please use your professional name...we're betting "Affordable Public Relations in <insert state here>" is not your firm's actual title.

Account Management

Q. How many listings can I create?
You may create up to 2 listings per agency. We allow one listing per agency per state. If your firm operates out of more than one state you may create listings for 2 states. You cannot have listings for more than one city in any given state.

Q. When will my listing be published?
In order to maintain the high quality of our directory, each listing is individually reviewed. This ensures you will never see spam or substandard firms listed, however it does take a little time. We try to approve and publish listings as soon as possible, after activation a listing will be published to the site within a day or two.

Q. Can I update my listing?
Yes. To update your listing, sign in and then select My Listings in the upper right My Account section. Then on your listings page click the "paper and pencil" icon to edit your listing.

Q. How do I cancel my listing?
Since our payment processing is done through Paypal, you have to log in to your PayPal account to deactivate your listing subscription to PRChannel.

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  Quality Listings. Weíre selective. We take the time to individually review each submission, so you know the PR companies listed with us are legitimate and of the highest quality.If you list with us, you know your brand will be associated with the Nationís Premiere Public Relations Agency Directory. Always above the board, and always there for you... Get Listed Now!