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January 26th, 2009

Digg’s Hunt for a PR Agency and What It Could Mean for Users

It’s older news that Digg – the uber popular social news aggregator, is looking for a PR agency.  On Friday PRWeek said it was down to 4, MediaBistro’s sources say the decision is essentially made – but no one is officially talking.

No matter which firm lands them as a client, Digg having an official PR team has big implications for the site.  Digg announced last week it will be cutting it’s staff and mentioned that it would be downsizing the expansion plans that were in place for 2009.  In the current economic climate it is no wonder that the website is trying to focus on profitability, and a PR team can help them achieve those goals without alienating users.

Reports have also been circulating that several of the top power users on Digg are actually on the payroll of PR/Marketing agencies.  Power users’ stories are more likely to make it to the front page, getting them to submit your story essentially guarantees top-tier recognition.  Does this undermine the trust of users?  Sure, but it’s up for debate on whether or not this issue will have a lasting impact.  The addition of a formal Digg PR plan could tilt the scales.

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