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February 6th, 2009

Advice For The PR Grad – Final Thoughts and Additional Resources

Here it is…the last post of our Advice series!  Just a few more helpful tidbits – then a few extra job hunting resources and more places to go if you aren’t completely overwhelmed by now :)

“I’ve talked with many recent grads throughout the interview process. Many are missing solid and relevant writing samples for the position they are applying for – but not having gotten your first job yet should not be a excuse. Rather, grads need to find a way to use and sharpen their writing skills. They could volunteer to write news releases or even offer to write or produce an entire website for a local nonprofit. Or they could help a friend or relative get the word out about their business. The idea is to simultaneously grow your portfolio and find a great first job.” ~ Rachel Hunt DPR Group

“Stay current! The media landscape and consumer behaviors are rapidly changing so I always look for applicants who are up-to-date on the latest media news, familiar with the newest media outlets (both online and offline) and understand what consumers are reading, watching and talking about.  My clients are very diverse but they all value us for being ahead of the curve with our expertise and so I look for people that can bring that same mind set to the team when I am hiring. Let potential employers know that even as a recent grad you bring value to the table as someone in the know and on top of trends. I personally subscribe to a large number of daily newsletters, alerts and feeds to stay on top and recommend it highly as way to ensure you’re always in the loop. “Embrace Digital! The digital media space is expanding by leaps and bounds and any recent grad will surely be spending a huge amount of their career working with digital so it is essential to get involved and get confident early on. With all of our clients we make sure digital is a part of the media-mix and with many we execute digital tactics that go well beyond the traditional digital campaign. An ideal candidate for me is someone who sees the value in digital and is willing to constantly learn, try new things and grow in their expertise. If you haven’t had the opportunity to work directly in digital yet there are excellent case studies, seminars, resources and information online to learn from – and the great thing about digital is that it is changing and evolving everyday and there are no hard and fast rules. I think recent grads actually have many advantages over more senior folks in PR because the industry is changing so much right now. They bring fresh perspective to traditional media and, more often than not, they have an innate knowledge and willingness to learn in digital media. Additionally, success is no longer guaranteed by how big someone’s rolodex of contacts is so recent grads have the opportunity to jump into a more level playing field to make new connections and possibly change the game for all of us! In the past 6 months I’ve interviewed and met numerous recent grads, hired several of them and watched them absolutely kill it for our clients with their hard work, fantastic ideas and willingness to always learn, try and grow.” ~Victoria Shaw VP, Integrated Public Relations | AMP Agency

The public relations professionals we reached out to also gave us several resources that grads can take advantage of during a job hunt:

PR Open Mic – An ad-free and nonprofit social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners worldwide. Kristin Maverick, Director of Communications at CarrotCreative says “It’s easy and free to join, they host events and offer a platform to promote yourself and your skills.” She also pointed us to Path101, a career discovery destination that offers an advice column to connect with PR pros and experts that answer questions directly.

Also check out the IABC Student Connection, specifically the article Adventures of a New PR Professional by Rebecca Armendariz, and Ned Lundquist’s weekly newsletter featuring jobs for communications professionals.

If all the advice we stock-piled still isn’t enough for you check out these blog posts from various PR pros:

What Young PR Pros can do NOW to Help Their Job Search – from Angela Moore of Starfish PR
10 Places to Find Jobs on Twitter – from Drew Gneiser via the Daily Axioms Blog
5 Tactics to Land a Job Using Social Media (Plus Tips to Do it Right) – from Kelly Rusk’s Web2.What?
Advice For Graduating College Students – from Amybeth Hale
Landing a Great Job – Tips for Success – from Vojtech Horna’s Blog CzechPR

January 12th, 2009

Why Corporate Blogs Succeed

There are tons of opinion pieces and articles/posts out there about corporate blogging, and most of them seem to have a negative spin.  They focus on the risks that a company takes by having a blog and all of the potentially negative outcomes associated with them.  We’re of the opinion that a bad corporate blog is just that, bad – bad for your reputation, bad for your business, and ultimately a risky venture.  However, when corporate blogs get things right it can be a public relations gold mine.

Here are 5 of the top reasons that corporate blogs succeed:

  1. They Take It Seriously. Blogs are extremely easy to set up and pretty difficult to maintain in a meaningful way.  Corporate blogs who succeed take it seriously, often dedicating an entire team of staff members to their maintenance.  They put a specific plan in place so that content is created on a regular basis and realize it is a long-term investment.
  2. They Take the Time to Brand their Blog. Successful corporate blogs take the time in the beginning to define how the blog will fit in with the firm’s existing corporate culture and set up specific objectives/goals.  They realize that a blog is just another type of communications tool, and they make sure it fits together with the rest of their PR efforts.
  3. They Don’t Use the Blog for Blatant Self-Promotion. Yes, we all know that the reason a company has a blog is probably to promote itself.  However, no one will bother to read it or get involved in a discussion if the blog is just a glorified advertisement.
  4. They Research the Blogging Community Before Launching a Blog. The human voice is a big part of why blogs are different than websites.  Bloggers will want a certain level of interactivity (comments/feedback) and will be turned off by overly corporate-y, structured, or impersonal language.  Corporate blogs who realize this fare better, and it is a reason that a blog may not be the best option for all companies.
  5. They are Original in Both Structure and Content. Successful corporate blogs realize what makes a blog a blog and structure theirs accordingly – using visual elements, links, comments, and layouts that make the content easy to digest.  Blogs that just type up their latest press release for the next post, or only serve as a news feed suffer.  Also, blogs that are doing well are contributing to the community’s discussion in an original way, either by offering a new idea/point of view or putting a new spin on an old topic.

January 5th, 2009

Twitter and the New PR

There have been tons of posts on PR blogs in the last few months about how Twitter is becoming an incredibly important tool for today’s ‘web 2.0′ PR professionals.

Check out this post on the PR Squared blog, aptly titled ‘Get Into Twitter or Get Outta Public Relations?’ That pretty much sums up the attitude in the industry right now, at least among early to mid-adopters.  Just take a look at the list they’ve compiled of PR pros (both new and old-school) who are currently on Twitter – its an impressive list and warrants attention.

Posts like these Twitter hacks and tips or this post on Ogilvy’s blog about Media Relations & Twitter are popping up all over the place in an effort to outline the benefits of using social media – twitter specifically – as a marketing strategy.

The benefits are somewhat obvious.  Twitter especially is a great tool for building relationships, a staple of good PR.  If you follow the big names in the industry an opportunity to forge a relationship that would never occur in the ‘real world’ may present itself and I think that this, more than any other factor, is why people are getting so excited.

Not everyone agrees though -read Twitter is Completely Overrated for some insight into the drawbacks of using Twitter and similar social media strategies.

It’s becoming a real debate – but something generating this much buzz is at least worth checking out.

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