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PRChannel Has 1,000+ Followers On Twitter

Wow!  We’re pretty excited about this…

PRChannel has passed the 1,000 follower mark on Twitter!  We joined mainly as another way to stay up-to-date on current PR related news and topics, but have since found a range of other great uses as well.

We use it to share ideas and thoughts that don’t quite make it into full-fledged blog posts, we tweet PR related news items that happen to catch our eye, we give ’shout outs’ to new companies that sign up for the directory (that now reach over 1,000 people), occasionally do a bit of self-promotion and, probably most importantly, we use Twitter to interact and network with others in the public relations industry.  We don’t tweet every 2 minutes (not even every day), and it’s always meant to be of real use to someone.

Thanks for following! (If you aren’t yet that’s OK…follow @PRChannel here!)

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3 Responses to “PRChannel Has 1,000+ Followers On Twitter”

  1. Brennan Says:

    Congrats on the 1,000 followers. Twitter seems to be a very good tool as of late for both traffic and just getting the word out.

  2. ahmad Says:

    wow 1000 follower! I will follow you as well and make it 1001. :)

  3. Corporate Culture Says:

    Thanks – I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks how to use Twitter other than just the occasional unnoticed shout into the wilderness! Your list there of uses gives me plenty to think about – more than just about anything else I’ve found by searching. You could do worse than building this up into a longer and definitive article on creative Twitter use. Thanks, Malcolm Evans

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