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5 Strategies for Creating Links and Traffic to Your Client’s Website

Multiple HatsThe lines between PR, Marketing & Advertising are continuing to blur, especially on the web. And while there will likely always be professionals who specialize in one area or another, more and more people (especially those at smaller agencies & companies) are starting to wear multiple hats. In fact, some people are wearing all the hats. Many started out in a single role, but due to a variety of circumstances (e.g. layoffs due to the economic climate or their company wanting to jump on the social media bandwagon to name a few) they’ve found themselves the ‘go-to’ person for all things promotion. . There should be a new term for these people, someone get on that.

In the meantime, here’s a mini-guide for building buzz and traffic to a website to help out our PR pros who have found themselves thrust into the online marketing world.

  1. Move your press releases online: Chances are you’re doing this already (if you aren’t you should be!). Today’s press releases need to be focused on keywords so that the search engines can find and index them easily. Many of the distribution sites allow clickable links and anchor text – Voila!, instant quality links back to your website of choice. For tips check out our post about “SEO-ify”ing your Press Release.
  2. Twitter: Get a profile or, if you have one already, start updating it. Nielson has said that 60% of people who sign up for twitter post once and then never return. What’s the point? For Twitter to be a valuable strategy you have to commit to becoming a resource in your industry. This means that is it is important to ‘tweet’ information that people will actually find useful (they don’t care where you are having lunch today). Twitter pays off when you take the time to build up a group of followers who value your opinions and look to you for information, in short they trust you. The best part, it’s ok to promote yourself and clients (within reason & with disclosure).  Twitter can be a great source of traffic to the content you have elsewhere. FYI – you can follow us here: @PRChannel
  3. Create a Resource List: Encouraging clients to create quality content on their website or blog is a must, and creating a resource list is a great way to do this. Examples of resources could include free tools, magazines and blogs relevant to your industry, or case studies and white papers that would be valuable to clients. Make sure that the resource list is targeted and industry specific. Not only will customers appreciate the information, chances are others in the industry will find the information valuable and link to it.
  4. Article Syndication: Create great content that doesn’t go directly on the website. It sounds backwards, but writing articles on your client’s industry or products and submitting them to the plethora of article sites and directories will get you lots of links. You relinquish a bit of control on your piece, but the pay-off is worth it. Websites and online content publishers grab articles and re-publish them constantly. By submitting a quality article 2 or 3 times you can get 100 links back to your client’s site.
  5. Top 10 lists: It’s called ‘link bait’ and it is good. Whether it be Top 10, 50, 100 or 5 (see what we did here) lists tend to be fan favorites when it comes to earning links. Lists can also give your client valuable ‘expert status’ when packaged correctly. They can also be a start to a series, giving you automatic ideas for future blog posts or articles. They can be about anything, and as silly or serious as your client wishes. Doesn’t matter the industry, lists are always good. Don’t believe me? Hair Salon – Top 10 Cuts for Fall. Law office – The Top 20 Craziest Lawsuits in History. Restaurant – Top 50 Things You Can Use a Spork For. People even makes lists of lists (I kid you not) Make it unique and interactive, a good discussion post will bring in comments and links for quite some time.
photo from here by Shane Michael

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20 Responses to “5 Strategies for Creating Links and Traffic to Your Client’s Website”

  1. John Says:

    Great post… other than the twitter factor i completely agree with the major points of you article; i honestly still fail to see how twitter is alive and useful as a marketing tool, mark my word twitter will be dead before 2011.

    A list of lists, that made me laugh

  2. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for narrowing down some of these points for me. There’s so much information out there regarding how to get traffic, etc. etc. it’s so easy to get lost in it all.

    I’ve been at it for 18 months and have made very little money at it so far. I know there’s a lot yet to learn and that’s the only thing between me and achieving.

    Thanks for being another stepping stone.

    Great post!

  3. PowerPoint Templates Says:

    Good explanation of some easy to do things you can do to increase your websites popularity.

  4. cleveland tn seo Says:

    I find this post to be the most informative that I have read in a long time, I do think that twitter is a great way to bring traffic to your website. I have read that Google is now deciding rank of pages based on how much the website is being “tweeted” about, it`s not a big percentage, but every little bit helps.

  5. Steve Williams Says:

    Good points to keep in mind. Top 10 lists work very well…still not sure how to incorporate twitter. Thanks again.

  6. Linda P. Morton Says:

    It’s a great idea to have a site that serves “PR, Marketing & Advertising.” I’ve worked in all three and also believe they have lots in common. In fact, online marketing is becoming the term to describe activities in all three areas.

    It makes sense to integrate all these functions because so much of their research, targeting, planning are the same. The three differ more from perspective and activities than function.

  7. Local Services Expert - Janneth Says:

    It all boils down to getting as many “quality” links as possible and taking care of them. You just can’t be contented of the number of links you currently have.

  8. SEO Super Store Says:

    Good post with some interesting points… I use the top 10 list idea a lot but I tell them not to use top 10 instead use top 7, top 13 a less common number.

  9. weddings,wedding dress,dresses Says:

    I agree with that online marketing is becoming the term to describe activities in all three areas

  10. George Anderson Says:

    Clear cut and right to the point, this is the type of information that is needed on such a large and nebulous subject. Thanks for writing this up!

  11. Telemarketing Says:

    I think the best way in creating links is by networking. Using social medias are one effective way to promote you client’s website. Thanks for posting this great tips to promote a websites.

  12. chair cover sash Says:

    I’ve tried some of the strategies here. Thanks for posting the other ones. I might use them.

  13. Erik Doel Says:

    I have been just analyzing your post it’s very well crafted, I’m exploring on the internet looking for exactly how to begin this weblog thing and your site definitely is quite impressive.

  14. Small Businesses News Says:

    I wanted to learn how to perform link baiting. I hope you could discuss it further in your future articles. Thanks a lot!

  15. Ruby Wenkrik Says:

    Finally, I located the information I was searching for. I have been doing research on this subject, and for four days I keep finding sites that are supposed to have what I’m searching for, only to be disappointed with the lack of what I needed. I wish I would have found your web-site sooner! I had about 30% of what I was looking for and your web-site has that, and the rest of what I needed to complete my research. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  16. Simon Says:

    What is it about people and lists? So true, we seem to just love them. And what is it about Twitter? I am definitely at odds with the majority on this one, it just seems so pointless and yet it is very popular.

    As for a new job title for the multi-finctional marketer, how about Marketer? In my day, this incorporated all things marketing, including PR.

  17. Richard Chidike | Motivatory Says:

    This is quite an interesting post and also informational. Certainly one of such posts that brings a fresh perspective to wonderful topic.

  18. MMA Training Says:

    Article syndication definitely goes a long way if take the time to write quality content and spin it. You can make 20 “different” articles from one original with a good article spinner.

  19. 5s Says:

    Create a Resource List was actually the last help to my web page I can high recommend taking the steps above.

  20. web development mumbai Says:

    Great article which iterates all the points I have been trying to get across for a while now. At networking events I used to try and explain to people how they could use this post it is very helpful……… has some interesting points… thanks for sharing it

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